Vulcan Municipal Library

Friends of the Library Recruitment

Apr 26, 2019 to May 31, 2019


Letter of Recruitment
Friends of the Vulcan Municipal Library

Currently the Friends of the Library (FOL) are short of voting members for their society. This group is a very valuable asset to our community as they are the sole fundraisers for the Vulcan Municipal Library as the library itself cannot fundraise. FOL has had fundraiser events in the past including: Casino, Meat Raffle, Book Sale and a Silent Auction. For many organizations in the community applying for a Casino is a great opportunity for organizations like this to survive. This will be the second time that the FOL will be doing a casino as the last one was in 2014. Unfortunately there was a lapse of time in between the last casino and current day some of the requirements have changed. 
FOL is now required to have a total of 15 general voting members on this board for the casino application to be accepted. This group currently meets approximately once every three months or when otherwise needed in between. If you or anybody you know are interested in joining this group please let them know. Please note, that this is not about looking for volunteers to actually work/volunteer for the casino but to be a member of the FOL. There will be an AGM held at the end of May, date to be announced and interested parties can attend to join this group. If you are interested please come in or call the Library 403-485-2571 and let us know and we will be able to give you information on when the meeting will be held.